1hr - Introlude


90 mins - Tryst (Preferred Minimum)


2hrs - No Rush


3hrs - Unforgettable Moment (Most Popular)


4hrs - Dinner Date and Desert


6hrs - The Perfect Encounter


12hrs - Slumber Party


24hrs - Day Dream


48hrs - Weekend Delight


*Encounters of 4hrs and more require outside time.




I can always travel to you for a 6hr minimum + My travel accommodations (4-5 star hotel or Upscale Residence & Business/First Class travel fare). 


I can be available to you for my overnight minimum + Business/First Class Flight + my travel accommodations (4-5 star hotel or Upscale Residence & Business/First Class travel fare)

I require 50% deposit to secure fly me to you dates.



When reaching out to me about our date please introduce yourself and let me know when, where and how long you would like to see me. If you have any special requests or queries please don’t be shy.


 It is very important to be considerate of my time as I am considerate of yours. I appreciate communication and updates on arrival. If you cancel within 24hours of our appointment a cancellation fee will be inquired. Please if you are going to be late let me know and also note that I may not be able to accommodate you beyond our agreed time. I will provide you with the location or you provide me with the location of our date the day of our appointment.  A few minutes before your appointment I will then contact you to give you more in depth details about the location.


I adore a man with impeccable hygiene. If you come to visit me, please take a shower upon arrival. 


It ruins the ambiance and mood to discuss my donation in person. I will like for my donation to be placed in the first 5 minutes of your arrival in an unsealed card/envelope.


I understand that some people enjoy the use of drugs and alcohol, however, I do not use drugs and I am a social drinker. I asked that you do not take any drugs in my presence and for you to keep your alcohol consumption at a minimum so we can have a genuine good time.